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After a family history of endometriosis, we felt it urgent to get checked in case there were issues. Turns out after several tests for female fertility that came back without issues it was male factors. After a previous clinic, we were referred to Trio and are working towards our goal of getting pregnant.

My husband and I began trying just over 3 years ago. During this time, I saw specialists soon after we began trying as there is some issues in my family. During this time, we continued to try, all my tests checked out and there didn’t seem to be any issues with myself. My husband was referred to a different clinic at which time he was told IVF would be our route. (This was before even meeting me and being seen only twice). Defeated and feeling angry we asked for a second opinion. We were sent [to TRIO]. During this time, I decided I was not emotionally strong enough and decided we needed to take a break. (We had already been through so much and I just wasn’t ready) Once back on track we decided to head back to TRIO Waterloo where we met the team. After being seen by the doctor there he referred my husband to a wonderful specialist in Toronto. That is where my husband was told he had a varicose vein which could be a major contributor to our fertility issues. This likely should have been caught years ago when he was younger but was missed several times. My husband just had a surgery to hopefully increase his soldiers enough to qualify for IUI. We are hopeful that this helps, we have faith in the nurses, doctors and staff at TRIO and all the other specialists we’ve seen and hope we are on the right track to help us achieve our goal of successfully conceive! It’s not been easy, and there seem to have been many bumps in our journey, but feel we are finally in good hands!! I’ll be sure to send an update if we achieve our goals! We are very thankful for all the help and answers to our frequent questions!

– Anonymous