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Interpreting Fertility Success Rates

By: Dr. Dan Nayot, MD, MS.c, FRCSC, REI

Success rates matter. Both patients and fertility clinics have the same final goal in mind of having a healthy child – but how to interpret them can be confusing. Allow me to expand…   First, let’s define both terms: “Success” – This may be different for each patient. Is just being able to stimulate well…

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Prenatal Vitamins 101

By: Jennifer Fitzgerald, ND

Conceive Health

  Choosing prenatal vitamins can be difficult with the vast array of brands available. While it has long been recognized that folic acid is important during the prenatal period, all vitamins and minerals are required for healthy fetal development. A good quality prenatal vitamin is like an insurance policy – ensures you are getting all…

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Having IVF? Have Acupuncture Too!

By: Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald, ND

Conceive Health Clinic

Most couples undergoing IVF would do just about anything to increase their chances of a successful outcome, but from a western medical perspective, there is little anyone can do to improve the odds. The following quote says it all, “I do all the latest high-tech surgery and hormone treatment to try to make someone pregnant.…

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Changing Your Infertility Experience with Gratitude

By: Amira Posner, RSW

Every night before I go to sleep, I write down three things I experienced throughout the day that I am grateful for. The exercise can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes, and the benefits are exponential. This practice of gratitude is especially significant when someone is in the midst of a struggle such as infertility, a…

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Surviving Fertility Medications

By: Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald, ND Conceive Health Clinic

So you’ve made the decision to undergo fertility treatment. It can be a costly decision, not just financially, but emotionally and physically as well. With treatments come medications, and as with all medications, fertility medications can cause unpleasant side effects. Moodiness, hot flashes, breast tenderness, bloating, headaches and nausea are some of the common side…

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Male Fertility Factor in the Media

Q & A With Trio’s Medical Experts

We’ve seen considerable research surrounding male factor fertility in the media recently with articles coming out of Israel and Europe, with commentary coming from North American doctors. This research associated with the decline of male fertility in Western countries, while not astonishing, is interesting as fertility is often considered the “woman’s issue.”  With eye-catching headlines…

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