By now you have all heard the news about our re-opening.  It was a decision made over weeks of review and consultation with our team, as well as other clinics across our city, our province, the country and internationally.

While fertility therapy is not a frontline treatment, it is an essential service to provide reproductive care, investigation and management to women and families dealing with infertility and recurrent miscarriage, both serious medical issues.

So, we are planning to get back to work to provide you with these services in the safest way while maintaining our excellent rates of success and high quality of care at TRIO Fertility.

However, in returning to service, what we are not doing is in any way minimizing the presence or gravity of the Coronavirus and the resulting COVID-19 infection.

The coronavirus has proven to be a ubiquitous problem for all of humankind, leading to a global pandemic and more fatalities than have been seen in wartime in some countries; and we are not yet out of the woods. This virus is still here such that many states in the US, some provinces in Canada, and some settings for long term care are continuing to see increases in cases and fatalities. There is talk of the virus mutating, making the development of vaccines difficult as well as slow. There is also a lack of testing available, and with the tests that are available,  the turn around to get results makes screening for entry into the clinic and other places difficult. Additionally, there are false negative results to contend with. Serology for antibody testing for exposure is not quite ready either.  There are global efforts to address all of these issues, and these efforts are proceeding at rates far greater than we have seen historically.  For example, it took HIV researchers years to get to where we are today, that is, in a matter of weeks, with the coronavirus. However, we are not fully there yet.

So, how can we open amidst all of this uncertainty?  We are opening because we believe that infertility is a disease that needs to be managed and cared for. We are opening because we are a group of committed physicians who are trained to provide reproductive care, and to above all do no harm.  Closing for a prolonged period and delaying treatment in some cases may be harmful to long term chances to fulfil reproductive goals, not to mention the issues of mental health and stress that present with infertility and recurrent miscarriage.  In our world today, where the coronovirus has led to a global pandemic, life is going to look different for a long time.  The steps we are taking at TRIO to protect our patients and staff are likely the steps that we as a society are going to have to take awhile. However, the benefit is that we can and will get back to work and life in the safest way we can.  The principles of social distancing, virtual consultations, and personal protective equipment (PPE) are basic to our new way of life, inside and outside of the clinic.

I hope in time we will all become accustomed to this new way of life. As a team, all of us at TRIO are excited to get back to work.  We are all – patients and staff — human: and we all need each other. Despite being six feet apart, we will be smiling behind our masks….and we want you to know that we are here for you, as we’ve said all along, now and always.