With September well underway, we thought it was time to provide an update from the clinic. As many of you know, TRIO resumed fertility treatments after a 10-week closure in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community.  We performed our first egg retrieval on June 5, 2020, and since then, we have completed well over 400 embryo transfers.

The entire TRIO team is thrilled to be back at work, busy providing essential care; we also feel gratified to be working in an environment that is safe and secure for everyone, patients and staff alike.

Many of you are now familiar with our COVID-19 safety guidelines which include:

  • a pre-visit screening
  • mandatory on-site screening which includes questions and temperature checks
  • provision of a fresh new medical-grade mask (level II, with three layers of protection) to all patients upon arrival at the clinic
  • new policies of social distancing, pre-booked appointments and spaced out seating in the waiting area
  • greater time allotment for procedures to allow for social distancing
  • deeper cleaning of clinic spaces between each patient visit
  • the appointment of two full-time cleaning staff who clean every potential contact area on a repetitive basis during clinic hours, ensuring that every contact touch point is cleaned on the hour
  • screening of all staff on a daily basis
  • ensuring the availability of staff PPE’s for all inter-clinic and patient communication and care
  • enhanced protocols and safety procedures for all of our staff with school-aged children

We review, update and document these protocols and procedures on an ongoing basis, and we are very pleased to report that due to the hard work and dedication of the TRIO team, and the cooperation of all of our patients, to date, there have been no known risks of COVID-19 exposure at our clinics since we re-opened our doors. Nevertheless, despite this reassurance, we continue to keep a watchful eye on all developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, primarily any potential impact on our patients and our practice.

In March, when we became aware of COVID-19, there was so much unknown about transmission and exposure risks. Today, we know so much more. We live in city where directives for safe living are firmly in place, including social distancing, avoidance of large gatherings and mandatory masks in public spaces.

Despite these measures and the efforts of our city, we are aware that a second wave is anticipated, particularly with the recent uptick in numbers. However, this time we are prepared. We know that the protocols and procedures we have put in place at TRIO will offer continued protection during this pandemic, and we are much better equipped to deal with issues that may arise.

Finally, we want to extend a sincere thank you to all of our patients who are contributing to our safe environment by cooperating with the screening procedures and protocols, and being truthful and honest about their health status so that we can continue to provide the high quality reproductive care that you expect and deserve.