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Screening And Safety Measures

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Screening and Safety Measures

To ensure safety for our patients as well as our staff, we are continuing to implement safety measures at TRIO.

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Mandatory Rapid Testing:

  • Beginning February 1, 2022 TRIO requires all patients starting treatment to self-administer rapid antigen tests
  • When you arrive at TRIO for screening on the day you begin treatment, you will be handed three rapid antigen tests
  • We will ask you to self-administer these tests at home at specific intervals during your treatment
  • When you email in your Day 1, you will receive detailed instructions from the Day 1 Team about exactly how and when to administer the three rapid antigen tests during your treatment cycle
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  • You will be prescreened via email before your appointment
  • You will have additional self screening in person when you check-in for your appointment
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Social Distancing:

  • For your safety, we must limit the number of people in the clinic
  • For each visit, you will be given a specified, assigned time to come to the clinic. Please come only at that time. You must come at your time, or you will not receive treatment that day
  • Please arrive alone, as only the person receiving treatment can come to the clinic. Partners and family members – including children – may not come with you
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Personal Protection:

  • You will be asked to wear a mask (PPE) provided by TRIO at all times while you are at the clinic. This mask will cover your nose and your mouth
  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided and sanitize your hands frequently during your visit
  • Medical appointments with your doctor will continue to be virtual
  • Nurses, doctors and lab technicians will be in full PPE during in-person patient interactions
  • All of our staff have been vaccinated
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Consent Form:

  • There will be an additional consent form to sign acknowledging that you understand the potential risks of accessing a public space during the pandemic. Please note that every clinic in Canada will be asking patients to sign this consent. You will not be able to begin fertility treatment until you have signed this form
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  • Blood draws, ultrasounds, DNA Fragmentation drop off and other monitoring activities will now be timed appointments, scheduled in 15-minute intervals. It is very important that you do not arrive early, or alternatively, are not late for your appointment. These new measures are designed for safety reasons, to limit the volume of people in the clinic at any given time
  • Monitoring will start at 7:00 a.m. and will continue throughout the day, on both weekdays and weekends
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Modifications to our Clinics:

  • We have reorganized our clinics so that there are now fewer chairs in all waiting rooms. Additionally, all of our chairs are sanitized by our cleaning staff regularly throughout the day, every day
  • We have installed new plexiglass barriers at screening stations and reception areas for added safety and protection for everyone
  • We will be sanitizing high touch areas in the clinic throughout the day and have extra cleaning measures in place
  • Nurses, doctors and lab technicians will be in full PPE during in-person patient interactions
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Medical Appointments:

  • For everyone’s safety, TRIO doctors will continue to conduct patient appointments virtually. You can continue to book your follow up appointments, protocol appointments and other types of appointments with your doctor. Please call 416-506-0804 and follow the prompts to reach your doctor’s office, or email your doctor’s office to reach a medical secretary who will book an appointment for you
  • TRIO doctors will be in the clinic in full PPE during medical procedures such as retrievals and transfer.
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Additional Services:

  • Conceive Health: Whether you are resuming treatment or have just started at TRIO Fertility, Conceive Health works closely with TRIO to provide a range of naturopathic programs to improve fertility outcomes. Visit Conceive Health for more information.
  • Pharmacy: The Toronto Wellness Pharmacy is open on site Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m and Saturday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. You will be able to pick up your medication when you are at the clinic.
  • Counselling and Support: TRIO continues to offer free online Facebook support groups for our patients. These groups provide a space for patients to connect, post questions and comments any time and participate in live discussions moderated by a counsellor. Learn more about our counselling support. In addition to the support groups, all of TRIO’s counsellors are available for individual or couples counselling. Click here for a list of recommended infertility counsellors.

General Q&As

Q: How do I notify the clinic of my Day 1?

A: Please email us at day1@triofertility.com and include:

  • Your full name
  • Your doctor’s name
  • The date of your Day 1
  • The type of treatment you are doing
  • Where you are doing your monitoring (that is, which clinic location).

The Day 1 team will follow up with you and give you instructions on next steps. If you need to come into the clinic, the Day 1 team will give you a specific day and time to come to the clinic.

Q: Can my partner come with me on the day of my egg retrieval?

A: Because of new social distancing regulations, we have to limit the number of people in the clinic so we have some new rules about partners attending during procedures: When you are having your OPU or egg retrieval, your partner can come with you to the 18th Floor and wait for you in the recovery room, but they cannot come with you into the operating room. However, when it comes time for your embryo transfer, we do allow partners into the operating room for both fresh and frozen transfers. It is the same for gestational carriers: one person is allowed to accompany you in the operating room during the embryo transfer.

Q: What about patients who have to travel to come to TRIO for their treatment?

A: We have lifted all of our previous COVID-related travel restrictions. However, you will be asked to test yourself with a Rapid Antigen Test before you begin your cycle with us. If you test positive, please do not come to the clinic. Instead, please contact your nurse to let her know. She will discuss next steps with you. If you have no Covid symptoms and you test negative on the Rapid Antigen Test, come to the clinic as planned to begin your cycle.

Q: I don’t live close enough to TRIO to bring a sperm sample in. Does TRIO provide a room where patients can produce a sample safely and privately?

A: Because of COVID-19 restrictions at the clinic, we are asking all patients who live less than 90 minutes away from TRIO to produce their sperm sample at their home, keep it at body temperature, and bring it into TRIO within 90 minutes of your scheduled retrieval. For some patients who live out-of-town, or farther away than 90 minutes, this may not be possible. For these patients, we do have a private room. But because of COVID protocols, we are limiting access to this space to a maximum of two people per day. We understand that the time restriction of arriving at TRIO within 90 minutes of producing your sample can be stressful. As can driving in downtown Toronto during rush hour traffic. So another option is to spend the night before your scheduled retrieval at the Chelsea Inn hotel, which is right next door to TRIO. They offer our patients a medical discount rate, and they will also discount parking. We’ve heard from many of our patients that this option has reduced their stress on the day of their retrieval and can even be a pleasant experience.

Q: Do you have any recommendations on the COVID-19 Vaccine?

A: We encourage all our patients to get all three doses of the vaccine. In fact, the definition of fully vaccinated now means a person who has received two doses of an approved vaccine PLUS their booster – or third – dose. If you have any concerns about the timing of the vaccines and treatment, we encourage you to talk with your nurse or your doctor about what is best for you.