1. Why are you doing lab research?
It’s important to remember that today’s ART technologies — ICSI, PGT-A, vitrification, egg freezing and even IVF — were all research protocols before they were used clinically. Lab research continues to refine these existing methods and to find new tools that will improve treatment and ultimately, pregnancy rates.

2. What research projects are happening right now in the TRIO lab?
We are working on several projects related to PGT-A that are aimed at taking the technology to the next stage and making it even better than it is now. We are also working on a project to create a new algorithm in embryoscope so it can help us choose the best embryo.

3. Why is this research important?
It’s important for our patients because they are the ones who will benefit first from these technological advances. It’s also adding to the improvement of ART technology for other embryology labs and fertility clinics worldwide.

4. What is the difference between your research in the lab and clinical research?
Lab-based research is aimed at improving technology and making it more robust, that is, working on improving or refining a specific lab technique.

5. As a patient, how will your research affect my treatment?
If the research we conduct in the lab leads to improved techniques, and ultimately increased pregnancy rates, our patients will be the first ones to benefit.