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Fertility Facts

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Our bodies change in many ways as we age, and for women, aging affects our fertility.

  • At age 25 a woman has about an 80% chance of conceiving naturally
  • At age 35 this declines to about a 50% chance
  • At age 45 she only has about an 8% chance of getting pregnant naturally¹

This means that the window of opportunity for having children is smaller for women than for men. Egg freezing has the potential to extend this window of opportunity.

¹Management of the Infertile Woman, by Helen A Carcio, and The Fertility Sourcebook, by M. Sara Rosenthal

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Holistic Therapies

Therapies such as yoga and acupuncture can help you manage stress, relax and contribute to your general health.

Emotional Counselling

Taking the time to meet with a counsellor, alone or with your partner, can help support your emotional wellbeing during this time.

Fees & OHIP Funding

Fees vary depending on your treatment path, with a limited number of annual cycles covered by OHIP for women under the age of 43.

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