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Good News about FETs at TRIO

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The first day of summer has passed, the rate of COVID-19 infections in Ontario is continuing to decline, and the rate of vaccination is increasing, with approximately 20% of Canadians fully vaccinated now. At TRIO we are thrilled to share this good news and like all our fellow Canadians, excited about further progress to come in the upcoming months and a return to our normal lives.

At this point, we are pleased to announce that we will gladly make available to our patients the option to break for only one cycle in between frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles. As always, however, please discuss the best timing for your transfer cycle with your TRIO physician.

COVID-19 Prevention Measures at TRIO

As you know, TRIO strives above all to be a safe environment. As medical practitioners, we believe it is important to continue to keep our current COVID prevention measures in place for the moment until such time as public health provides updated guidance on what is appropriate in a medical setting for patients and staff.

Many patients have asked specifically about travel and treatment. Our travel policy prior to attending our clinic remains in keeping with the current public health recommendations, that is: required proof of double vaccination, PCR COVID test upon landing in Toronto and quarantine until a negative result is obtained.

For the moment, we will also continue to see patients remotely; all on-site, patient-facing staff will continue to wear PPE; and we require all persons entering the clinic to wear a medical-grade three-ply mask.

Many patients tell us these precautions help them to feel safe when they are in treatment with us. And this is another reason to keep the prevention measures in place. View our full list of screening and safety measures.

We want you to know that our medical directors continue to stay in touch with public health, and abreast of current guidelines and national advisory boards. With current trends continuing, we look forward to seeing some welcome changes in our COVID safety protocols that have served us so well over the past year. We will continue to update you on any change in our policies as soon as we feel that a change is safe for everyone at TRIO. Contact us with any questions.