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Supporting Your Path to Parenthood with PRIME

As you age, growing your family can feel like an uphill battle. Even though you want to keep trying, you’ve heard that egg donation or adoption are your only paths to parenthood.

At TRIO, we know how disheartening it is to feel like your chance to conceive has passed. You need a clinic that is at the forefront of fertility science for advanced reproductive age — and paving the way for new options. With the country’s top-rated specialists, we have the knowledge, skills, and technology to treat infertility in patients over 40.

We developed PRIME to give women, like you, another chance to achieve their dreams.

PRIME can be helpful for qualifying patients between the ages of 42 to 45 who want to get pregnant using their own eggs. As the first and only program of its kind in Canada, it uses unique protocols to address ovarian aging and egg recruitment.

Now, age alone doesn’t have to mean the end of trying to conceive.

From Our Team

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"After the age of 38, a woman loses 2-4% of her fertility potential every 6 months. PRIME is designed to overcome the odds by giving women who are between 42 and 45 a better chance at achieving a healthy pregnancy."
Dr. Ken Cadesky, MD, FRCSC
Medical Director and Founding Partner of TRIO Toronto

How PRIME Works


A woman's lifetime of eggs is present at birth

Between 50-300 of these eggs mature every month. This maturing of eggs continues monthly, even during pregnancy, while on the birth control pill, or when a period is missed. When a woman is ovulating, one egg is chosen by the body, and the remainder that have matured that month are discarded. Menopause is reached when there are no eggs left.


With age, the remaining eggs have diminished fertility

They are more likely to contain genetic abnormalities and are less likely to create viable pregnancies. These eggs can also carry a greater chance of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities.


PRIME provides a new and different approach to treatment

A treatment that gives women between the ages of 42 to 45 more hope for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Standard IVF focuses on maturing a large group of eggs to find the one “pearl” that will go on to achieve a pregnancy.

PRIME goes further by integrating a unique pretreatment and ovarian stimulation protocol, as well as naturopathic intervention, before the embryo transfer occurs.


PRIME starts before the IVF process begins.

We recognize that both the quality of your eggs and your uterine environment can impact your IVF outcomes. Since eggs take approximately 100 days to mature, your health and well-being during the weeks before the IVF process begins is essential.

With PRIME, our fertility naturopaths work alongside our medical team to personalize a preconception plan to support egg quality. This helps to ensure that your remaining eggs are stronger, healthier, and more viable.


PRIME uses a collaborative approach to fertility care.

Working together, our medical, naturopathic, and counselling teams support your unique fertility path — from preconception onwards.

If you’re a candidate, PRIME can improve your odds of having a healthy baby using your own eggs from <2% to as high as 15%.

Your Personal PRIME Program

  • Comprehensive medical assessment with TRIO’s dedicated PRIME physicians
  • Naturopathic assessment with Conceive @ TRIO’s fertility naturopaths
  • Personalized preconception plan to improve egg health and quality
  • An individualized medical plan to prepare your ovaries prior to IVF
  • Fertility counselling and support
  • And more…
Three connected circles: Medical Team, Fertility Counsellors, Fertility Naturopaths.

From Our Team

A photograph of Dr. Malone.
“It’s critical to optimize egg quality in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy - this becomes even more important over the age of 40. By focusing on the preconception phase in PRIME, we help patients improve clinical IVF outcomes."
Dr. Tracy Malone, ND
Co-Founder & Medical Director - Conceive @ TRIO Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

At TRIO, we recognize that these are your PRIME years. You have worked hard and achieved a lot in your life. If you are ready to grow a family, we may be able to help you.
Fertility gradually declines in the 30s — particularly after age 35. Around the age of 42, a woman enters the final phase of her reproductive life, which is markedly diminished by age 45. PRIME may give women in this age group a better chance to conceive, without needing an egg donor.
Our fertility naturopaths focus on the preconception phase of PRIME. They ensure you have the nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle factors to help support the quality of your eggs — before IVF begins. They also help you avoid any negative interactions between supplements or herbals and your fertility medications.
A fertility journey can often feel overwhelming and stressful. As part of our collaborative approach to fertility care, our counsellors work with you and your partner to discuss expectations and provide the tools to support emotional well-being.
To determine if the PRIME program is suitable for you, TRIO will request copies of any testing that has been completed within 6 months. However, if testing was completed more than 6 months before contacting TRIO, it will be necessary to redo those tests and possibly initiate additional tests of our own.
Many, if not most, of PRIME’s patients have had multiple failed IVF cycles in the past. We will request copies of all of this cycle information, as it will help us determine if you are a candidate for PRIME. In addition, it will give us important details about your medical history.
If this is your situation, then PRIME may be the approach you are seeking. Contact us today to speak with a PRIME nurse to learn more and determine if you qualify for the program.

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