LGBT2Q+ Patients

LGBTQ Patients
At TRIO, we know that having a family is not always simple. For more than 20 years, we've been helping people achieve their dream of having children. We understand the technology and we know how to apply it. This is why we are please to bring our own expertise in assisted reproductive technologies to everyone.
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Dr. Judith Perry

As a family physician, Dr. Perry has been interested in issues facing the gay community since she started her Toronto practice in 1992. She has been assisting her patients with fertility access since 2006. In addition to providing fertility treatment such as IUI, Dr. Perry also serves as a ‘patient advocate’ support within TRIO, helping her patients understand and access the services and programs that best meet their fertility needs.




Holistic Therapies

Therapies such as yoga and acupuncture can help you manage stress, relax and contribute to your general health.

Emotional Counselling

Taking the time to meet with a counsellor, alone or with your partner, can help support your emotional wellbeing during this time.

Fees & OHIP Funding

Fees vary depending on your treatment path, with a limited number of annual cycles covered by OHIP for women under the age of 43.

Click below for some general fee guidelines.