Text reads Happy New Year 2021

As we are looking forward to the promise and potential of a New Year, we also are all taking a moment to reflect on this last year. As you know, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were initially closed for ten-and-a-half weeks. It was very challenging for both patients and staff. Even though we were closed, we made sure all of our lab equipment was maintained in perfect running order so that your precious frozen embryos, eggs and sperm were safe and protected.  During this time, we were also working hard to design procedures, protocols and secure access to safe PPE so that we could continue to provide fertility care.

We reopened slowly, to get familiar with creating a safe environment for all of our patients and staff.  While some of our protocols may seem extra cautious, we’re doing this to ensure you feel secure and comfortable knowing that you are coming to a very safe place! I also want to reassure you personally that we have absolutely no intention of closing again, unless there is an extreme province-wide emergency. During these uncertain times, you are in good hands.

TRIO has the largest group of fertility doctors working together in all of Canada. Although your individual physician decides on your care plan, the medical team meets together on a daily basis to discuss and review all of our patients’ care. Not only does your own doctor know you, but our entire team knows you. And speaking of the medical team, we are delighted to welcome two new infertility specialists (REI’s): Dr. Katharine Phillips, who started this past October and Dr. Ruth Ronn, who will start in January 2021; additionally, we have hired another specialist who will start in the Fall of this year, and we have plans to expand the team yet again in 2022.

TRIO is a world leader in research. We constantly strive to use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment in our embryology lab, which is one the largest and most respected in the country.  The combination of our excellent medical and embryology teams has resulted in our pregnancy rates being among the highest in Canada.

COVID has certainly made this past year more difficult. However, at TRIO, we are committed to providing a meaningful and stress-free experience and we will continue to work to make this happen for you. 

On behalf of the entire TRIO team, I want to wish you all a better and happier 2021, and I want to reassure you that you are being treated in the right place.


Ken Cadesky MD FRCS (C)

Medical Director, TRIO