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Endometriosis: Medical Vs. Surgical Management

By Dr. Dan Nayot

Although endometriosis can’t “definitively” be diagnosed unless it’s visualized during laparoscopic surgery (and then confirmed on the pathology report), this doesn’t mean that all patients suggestive of endometriosis: eg. pelvic pain; painful periods; or pain with intercourse require surgery. A large proportion of patients can be confidently diagnosed with endometriosis based on their symptoms and even…

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Dr. Dan Nayot talks about Spindleview and Embryoscope

TRIO’s Dr. Dan Nayot talks about two cutting-edge technologies used by the TRIO lab to provide our patients with a better chance of success in every IVF cycle. Click on the video below to learn more.  For more information about Spindleview and Embryoscope visit our blog post Spindleview and Embryoscope: Providing a Better Chance of Success…

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New research looking at fertility drugs and cancer concludes there is no significant risk

“Women can be reassured that fertility drugs do not appear to significantly increase the risk of invasive ovarian, endometrial, breast or other cancers, while achieving a pregnancy at an earlier age is a significant protective factor,” concludes new Italian study published December 2018 in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences.  For further details, download the…

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FAQ’s about current research projects aimed at improving ART’s

By Jim Meriano, Director, Embryology Lab at TRIO

1. Why are you doing lab research? It’s important to remember that today’s ART technologies — ICSI, PGT-A, vitrification, egg freezing and even IVF — were all research protocols before they were used clinically. Lab research continues to refine these existing methods and to find new tools that will improve treatment and ultimately, pregnancy rates.…

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Spindleview and Embryoscope: Providing a Better Chance of Success in IVF

Spindleview/Oosight Spindleview, also called “Oosight”, is a computerized high power microscope that allows the embryologist to see the internal structure of each retrieved egg (oocyte) or embryo. This is cutting-edge technology used by the TRIO lab in two important ways: First, to visualize the spindle of each egg very accurately when performing ICSI (injecting one…

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Does Marijuana Use Affect Fertility?

With the recent legalization of marijuana, we thought it timely to address the effect of marijuana on fertility. There have been several studies on how cannabis effects of both male and female fertility. Here are a few highlights: Male Fertility We know that the use of marijuana lowers sperm count and lowers a man’s reproductive…

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