Q: Can my partner come with me on the day of my egg retrieval?

A: Because of new social distancing regulations, we have to limit the number of people in the clinic so we have some new rules about partners attending during procedures: When you are having your OPU or egg retrieval, your partner can come with you to the 18th Floor and wait for you in the recovery room, but they cannot come with you into the operating room. However, when it comes time for your embryo transfer, we do allow partners into the operating room for both fresh and frozen transfers. It is the same for gestational carriers: one person is allowed to accompany you in the operating room during the embryo transfer. 

Q: “Why can’t I do a day 3 natural FET cycle?”

A: These cycles require quite a few visits to the clinic as they need to be closely monitored. In addition, the correct timing for the transfer is unpredictable. Right now, with all of our COVID restrictions in place, we need to control very carefully and time  the number of procedures in the lab, therefore we cannot accommodate the unpredictability of natural cycles at present

So for the time being, we are not doing natural FET’s.  We hope this will change as we get used to our new protocols and procedures and are able to accommodate some flexibility for timing in our embryology lab.    Please speak to your doctor for an alternative that is best for you. Or you can choose to wait until some of these restrictions have been lifted. We will announce on social media, our website and via email when we are doing natural FET cycles.

Q: What about patients who have to travel to come to TRIO for their treatment? 

A: For the foreseeable future, TRIO is not allowing patients who have travelled through an airport to come to the clinic for treatment. Long distance travel to TRIO by car, ie driving, is acceptable.

Q: People who are frontline healthcare workers or who live with or are in close contact with a healthcare or front-line worker – does this affect their treatment and will they fail screening?


  • If the TRIO patient is a healthcare worker who is working directly with COVID patients, the TRIO patient must be under strict self isolation for two weeks with no exposure to COVID patients before coming to TRIO and throughout their treatment, meaning they cannot go back to work while they are in treatment at TRIO. An example of this type of TRIO patient would be an intensive care unit doctor or nurse.
  • If the TRIO patient lives with a partner who has direct exposure to COVID patients, they must be isolated from their partner for two weeks before they can come into TRIO for treatment. However, unless also isolated for two weeks, their partner, who is the frontline worker, would not be able to come into TRIO.
  • If the TRIO patient is a Long Term Care/Nursing home worker, they should be under strict self isolation for two weeks and not going into their workplace before coming to TRIO and throughout their treatment, meaning they cannot go back to work while they are in treatment at TRIO.
  • Other healthcare workers, including Family Physicians/GP’s, Emergency Room Physicians not in contact with COVID patients, and other healthcare professionals not dealing directly with COVID patients or working in Long Term Care Facilities will pass the screening and can come to TRIO for their treatment.

Q: Can you tell us anymore about the Administration Fee?

A: After careful consideration and patient feedback we have decided not to charge our patients the $300 administration fee.

Q: Do any of TRIO’s nurses or other staff work at other clinics or hospitals? 

A: No. None of TRIO’s nurses, embryologists or administrative staff work in other healthcare facilities. They only work at TRIO, ensuring there are no outside exposures.

Q: Are TRIO’s satellite clinics open for treatment? 

A: At the moment the following satellite clinics are open to do monitoring for TRIO: Barrie, Lakeridge, Stoney Creek, Kitchener-Waterloo, Orillia. We will continue to update this list as we get more information about our other satellite clinics.

Q: When can I start treatment?

A: Patients who are doing fresh IVF cycles and frozen embryo transfers:

  • Please email your Day 1 on or after May 11th. Patients who are doing all other cycles:
  • Please email your Day 1 on or after May 25th.
  • Patients who require testing can contact their nursing team anytime for instructions on how to get requisitions and how to book their tests. Testing will begin on May 19th.

Please be sure to include the following in your email to day1@triofertility.com:

  • Your full name
  • Your doctor’s name
  • The date of your Day 1
  • The type of treatment you are doing
  • Where you are doing your monitoring (that is, which clinic location).

The Day 1 team will follow up with you and give you instructions on next steps. If you need to come into the clinic, the Day 1 team will give you a specific day and time to come to the clinic.