Our physicians are taking appointments with new and current patients by telemedicine from 9:00am to 3:00pm every weekday to provide continuing care. You can find the contact information for your doctor below. For general inquiries please contact the clinic info@triofertility.com or 416-506-0804

Dr. Kaajal Abrol: abroloffice@triofertility.com

Dr. Ken Cadesky: cadesky.reception@triofertility.com

Dr. Paul Chang: mingy@triofertility.com

Dr. Robert F. Casper: francesk@triofertility.com

Dr. Beth Gunn: ayshat@triofertility.com

Dr. Carl Laskin: dianneb@triofertility.com

Dr. Judith Perry: carolinep@triofertility.com

Dr. Katharine Phillips: bridgetted@triofertility.com

Dr. Ruth Ronn: lynnes@triofertility.com

Dr. Sony Sierra: ssoffice@triofertility.com