Fertility Counselling

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Emotional Support for Your Fertility Journey

Fertility treatment can often feel overwhelming, isolating, and stressful. Meeting with a trained therapist can provide patients with the support and tools they need for emotional well-being.

At TRIO, we work with a team of registered social workers, clinical psychologists, and registered psychotherapists who specialize in fertility counselling.

Who Benefits From Fertility Counselling

Research shows that patients who have counselling during treatment have a much better experience. Fertility counselling can be helpful to any aspiring parent who is struggling with fertility challenges. If you are undergoing certain treatments, such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), it is a prerequisite to help prepare you for the upcoming process.

A fertility counsellor can help you:

  • Address individual and relationship concerns
  • Manage expectations about fertility treatment
  • Process emotions, thoughts, and feelings
  • Identify life stressors and support
  • Discuss areas of emotional vulnerability
  • Learn coping tools and strategies
  • Mentally prepare for procedures
  • Receive ongoing education and support
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Frequently Asked Questions

There is contact information in the bios of each of our counsellors. Please contact them directly to book an appointment.
Some private health insurance will cover counselling. Otherwise, please pay the counsellor directly for counselling services.
For IVF and Third Party Reproduction, yes, one session of fertility counselling is mandatory. For other treatments, it is highly recommended.

Patients can attend fertility counselling alone or with their partner (if they have one). For couples completing IVF and Third Party Reproduction, they are required to attend the mandatory counselling session together as the discussion, decisions, and outcomes impact both partners.

General counselling appointments are confidential. For the mandatory counselling session for IVF and Third Party Reproduction, your TRIO physician will receive a report from your fertility counsellor, which includes an overview of your discussion during the session.

Patient Stories

"I was nervous about coming to counselling, now knowing what to expect. My counsellor was warm and compassionate, and she helped me to feel understood and not judged. She gave me a fresh perspective on my fertility challenges. She also helped me with coping strategies, not just for myself, but also for my relationship with my husband. I felt “lighter” and calmer after the counselling session."
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