Financial Planning to Pay For Fertility Treatments

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Financial Planning & Fertility 

At TRIO, we understand that the cost of fertility treatments can be stressful. Our team strives to alleviate this burden as much as possible. As such, we encourage you to review the information below regarding our recommended financial planning steps, information about TRIO’s Financial Coordinator, and financial grants available.

Meet TRIO's Financial Coordinator

As part of our care team, Financial Coordinator Kaileen Alvernini collaborates closely with TRIO’s physicians, nurses, and administrative staff to ensure seamless coordination of the financial aspects of your treatment.

Kaileen will play a crucial role in helping you understand the financial components of your fertility treatment and providing you with options to alleviate some of the financial burden.

After your TRIO doctor finalizes your IVF protocol, Kaileen will contact you for a personalized financial consultation. This session will cover treatment costs, payment options, and insurance details. She can review your insurance policies, explain your fertility treatment coverage, and advocate on your behalf with your insurer to maximize your benefits.

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Financial Coordination Services

We can assist with:

  • Income Tax: Kaileen can help you understand which elements of your fertility treatment are considered tax deductible and can be submitted when filing your income tax.
  • Cost Estimation: Our Financial Coordinator provides a clear, accurate, and transparent breakdown of the costs associated with your specific fertility treatment plan, including consultations, diagnostic tests, medications, in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, and other relevant services.
  • Financial Planning: Our coordinator works with you to develop a personalized financial plan, taking into consideration insurance coverage, available resources, and any available financial assistance programs. This includes offering guidance on payment options, financing, and available grants.
  • Billing and Payment Coordination: Kaileen will liaise on your behalf with billing departments and finance teams to ensure accurate and timely billing of fertility treatments. She will also ensure you understand any details associated with invoices, payment schedules, and options for installment plans or financial assistance.
  • Patient Advocacy: She will serve as your advocate by actively communicating and negotiating with insurance providers and other relevant parties about billing or coverage issues that may arise.
  • Financial Resources: Our Coordinator will stay updated on available financial resources, grants, and programs related to fertility treatments, providing you with information about eligibility criteria and assisting with application processes when applicable.
  • Education and Support: Our Coordinator will be available to offer guidance and support about clinic policies, financial implications, and available resources, as well as provide educational materials or direct you to appropriate resource.

Financial Planning Steps


Determine the cost of your treatment.


Review your insurance.


Evaluate your financial situation and how much you can realistically pay each month.

  • Will you set this aside until you come up with the required amount and then proceed?
  • Will you borrow now and use the plan to pay back the loan?


Look for ways to reduce costs.

  • Are there any long-term savings in your treatment options?
  • What savings can you find in your daily life?


Create a monthly budget, including a repayment plan.

  • This can be a useful guide and tool:
  • Consider how long it will take to pay back your loan.
  • Set aside a realistic amount each month to cover your treatment/loan.
  • Use a budget tracking app such as “mint” or “every dollar” or track all purchases in a spreadsheet.

Save all receipts and claim your total medical expenses for the year on your tax return.

  • In general, we find you can recover ~ 20% of the expenses you incur. We encourage you to ask your accountant or a tax professional for more information.

Additional Resources & Grants

Fertility Financing

  • TRIO has joined forces with Beautifi Financing to offer competitive interest rates and manageable monthly payment plans, tailored to your needs.

  • Many Canadian patients have already benefited from Beautifi’s services, making elective medical procedures within reach.

  • The application process is secure and won’t affect your credit score. It’s quick, taking under 3 minutes to complete, and you’ll receive an instant outcome. Take the first step and apply now to explore your eligibility for a fertility treatment loan.

OHIP Fertility Coverage

Introduced in 2015, the Ontario Fertility Program offers funding to eligible individuals for diverse infertility challenges, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Treatment plans, including one full IVF cycle, are personalized by TRIO physicians to suit individual needs. Funding may be available for qualified patients for fertility preservation (egg freezing), Intrauterine insemination (IUI), or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). 

Fertility Grants & Support

  • Financial grants and other support can also help you navigate the financial burden of your fertility costs. Below is a list of the associated foundations and grants that TRIO recommends.
  • Small Wonders: Small Wonders is a Canadian non-profit organization that provides Jewish couples in Ontario with information and support services, including Rabbinical support, nurse injectors, and financial aid.

  • More information:

Learn More About Your Options With TRIO

 For all questions and concerns regarding your fertility journey, reach out to our knowledgeable and compassionate team today. At TRIO, we’re here to help you overcome fertility challenges and receive the care you deserve.