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Donor Egg Program at TRIO

Egg donation gives hope to many intended parents. TRIO offers several options to help intended parents who require donor eggs, including:
  • Known Egg Donor: This option is for patients who wish to use a donor who is known to them, such as a friend, relative, or acquaintance. Additionally, a known donor can be found through an Egg Donor Agency.
  • Anonymous Egg Donor: Some patients may wish to find an anonymous egg donor sourced through an agency recommended by TRIO. Our third-party coordinator will provide you with a list of agencies that we work with.
  • Egg Bank: TRIO works with several Canadian-compliant egg banks that offer frozen eggs and/or the option to create embryos. These banks have a wide range of options for their donor databases. All donors are screened by the egg bank under Health Canada regulations. Embryos are delivered directly to TRIO, where the embryo transfer will happen.

When to Consider Using an Egg Donor

For many individuals, using an egg donor may be the only option for creating their family, and may be beneficial for:
  • Individuals who are experiencing age-related fertility decline
  • Individuals with premature ovarian failure
  • Individuals with a diminished ovarian reserve
  • Individuals with genetic conditions or abnormalities
  • Same-sex couples 
  • Patients undergoing cancer treatment
  • Individuals with poor egg quality
  • Couples or individuals who have undergone various unsuccessful fertility treatments
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The Egg Donation Process


Meet Your TRIO Physician

The first step is meeting with your TRIO physician to discuss your needs and options.


Meet Your TRIO Third-Party Coordinator

After speaking with your physician, you will be referred to your third-party coordinator. They will send you information about your options, facilitate any screening required for you and your potential donor, and guide you through the process.


Begin the Screening Process

Once you have selected a potential egg donor, your third-party coordinator will reach out to begin the screening process. All known and anonymous egg donors are subject to the same screening process set out by Health Canada regulations. The medical screening consists of blood work and urine tests, ultrasounds, genetic carrier screening, karyotype testing, toxicology, physical, counselling, and hormonal testing. Note that genetic carrier screening is also mandatory for whomever is providing sperm.


Meet with a Fertility Counsellor

Meet with a Fertility Counsellor As you explore options for egg donation, the next important step is the mandatory counselling session. This is typically a 90-minute session, with the possibility of a follow up. It is intended to support the legal and emotional aspects of the process, helping you navigate donor selection, understand your rights, and prepare for the journey ahead. It will help you establish expectations, address concerns, and gain valuable insights.


Finalize the Legal Agreement

Once the donor has completed the screening process and received medical clearance to donate, a legal agreement must be finalized. This applies to either a known egg donor or an anonymous egg donor.


Complete Additional Testing

Patients using an egg donor are required to complete genetic carrier screening and a counselling session specific to the use of third-party gametes (eggs).


Egg Retrieval (Egg Donor)

Once your egg donor has been approved, medically cleared, and all legal agreements are signed, they can then begin cycle monitoring and fertility medications to prepare their eggs for retrieval. Once the eggs are ready, they are retrieved for fresh fertilization or vitrification (freezing for later use). If you are using frozen eggs from a bank, they are shipped directly to the clinic. Before ordering, you must confirm with your third-party coordinator that they are an acceptable match based on your genetic carrier screening.


Embryo Transfer (Patient)

Following retrieval, eggs are fertilized with sperm and developed into (embryos) blastocysts over five days. These embryos are then transferred into the uterus of the patient (or gestational surrogate) in hopes of achieving a pregnancy. The patient carrying the pregnancy is given medications to help prepare the lining of the uterus for either a fresh or frozen embryo transfer (FET).


Pregnancy Test and Beyond

Approximately 10 to 12 days after your embryo transfer, you will return to TRIO for a beta hCG test to determine if you are pregnant. This test measures the level of hCG hormone in your blood and can detect pregnancy at a very early stage. If the test is positive, you will continue as a TRIO patient until a fetal heartbeat is detected on an ultrasound test. At this point, we will refer you back to your family physician or ob/gyn who will manage your care throughout your pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Approved donors undergo ovarian stimulation to produce a safe number of eggs. Egg retrieval is performed on the donor under ultrasound guidance and conscious sedation. Then, eggs are fertilized with sperm to create embryos.

The choice is up to you and often depends on the availability of the donor. Using fresh donor eggs slightly improves the live birth rate by approximately 3-5%. 

Egg donors have the option to donate anonymously or donate as a known donor. A legal agreement is required for both known and anonymous egg donors. It is up to you and the donor to decide the level of openness you want, which will be outlined in your legal contract.  

Using a local egg donor is comparable to the standard IVF and FET cost at TRIO, plus a $3,500 third-party cycle coordination fee. This fee is for related screening costs. International donors may require additional costs, such as travel and satellite monitoring. Intended parents are also responsible for any agency fees or donor reimbursements, which are discussed strictly with your egg donor agency. (Fees may be subject to change). 

Patient Stories

“Dr Laskin and the staff at TRIO are amazing. Everyone made us feel comfortable and they are so friendly. The clinic is welcoming. They helped us through the whole IVF process. Our little Baby Girl, Julianne, is two and a half months old and we are so grateful and in love. 💜 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
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