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Understanding the Communication Patterns between IVF Patients and Peers

Are you a first-time or recurring IVF patient? Do you rely on an individual, peer-based relationship for support through your journey? In other words do you have an “IVF friend” or an “IVF sister” whom you turn to meet your various needs? I am a patient advocate for infertility patients who is researching patient/peer social…

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Spindleview and Embryoscope: Providing a Better Chance of Success in IVF

Spindleview/Oosight Spindleview, also called “Oosight”, is a computerized high power microscope that allows the embryologist to see the internal structure of each retrieved egg (oocyte) or embryo. This is cutting-edge technology used by the TRIO lab in two important ways: First, to visualize the spindle of each egg very accurately when performing ICSI (injecting one…

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Understanding Clinical Research

By Dr. Robert F. Casper, Scientific Director, TRIO

In fertility medicine, clinical research projects deal directly with improving both the patient experience and clinical outcomes. Please read on for more detailed information about clinical research at TRIO: 1. What research projects are happening right now at TRIO? There are a number of clinical research projects taking place at TRIO at any given time that…

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Does Marijuana Use Affect Fertility?

With the recent legalization of marijuana, we thought it timely to address the effect of marijuana on fertility. There have been several studies on how cannabis effects of both male and female fertility. Here are a few highlights: Male Fertility We know that the use of marijuana lowers sperm count and lowers a man’s reproductive…

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Financial Options for Fertility Treatment

We are often asked “Are there any financial options to help pay for my fertility treatment?” People also want to know, “Is any of the treatment covered?” To answer these questions, we’ve pulled together some information that may help make treatment more accessible. At TRIO, the initial consult with your doctor is a fully insured…

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Fresh Embryo Transfer vs Frozen Embryo Transfer Q&A

Ever wonder about the differences between a fresh embryo transfer and a frozen embryo transfer in an IVF cycle? This month, Jim Meriano, our Chief Embryologist and Director of TRIO’s lab answers your scientific questions; and Dr. Robert Casper, our Scientific Director and a fertility specialist, answers your medical questions. Ask an Embryologist Jim Meriano, B.Sc.,…

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