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A COVID Update from Your TRIO Medical Team

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As we face another stay-at-home order, and the full impact of the third wave, we just wanted to let you know that your team at TRIO is dedicated to ensuring your fertility treatments are available in the safest way possible.

All of us are dealing with the burden of a global pandemic that has a societal impact that we have not witnessed in our lifetimes. In addition, our patients are also having to deal with infertility and recurrent miscarriage.

Trying to cope with the news, further lockdown restrictions a recent NY Times article used the term “cautious optimism” …and it is a perfect way to consider these difficult times.

We have to continue to be cautious

As we wait for the vaccine roll out to all populations at risk, COVID- 19 and the new variants continue to infect at a rapid rate and can lead to more severe infection in the middle to younger age range.  The infection is spreading quickly in populations at risk, such as essential workers. Therefore, to ensure safety for all, we have a greater need for social distancing, masks and hand hygiene more than ever before.  It is mandatory that we avoid large social gatherings and adhere to regional guidelines and restrictions.

At TRIO, we continue to have onsite rapid COVID testing for our staff and patients, strict screening, and reliable PPE use.   However, outside of the clinic, it is up to all of us individually to adhere to common sense and regional guidelines.  To ensure our clinic is able to provide the best and safest fertility care, we ask all of our team members and patients to please take all precautions to protect yourself and others by minimizing social contact outside of the home.  With home delivery options for almost all groceries, household goods and meals, trips outside even for errands can be minimized.

We understand how difficult this is, and how hard it has been, however, we need to hold on just a little bit longer for long-term gain.

Yet, there is definitely a reason to be optimistic

Vaccine development has taken place at an amazing rate.  We are getting the vaccines to the elderly, vulnerable members of our society, and soon vaccine delivery will include all essential workers and our most at-risk populations.  We now have some data to suggest the vaccine, prior to conception and during pregnancy, appears safe. And some encouraging early data shows beneficial immune responses in the baby, after birth, to COVID 19 as well.  There are current studies underway at the present time that will specifically answer important questions regarding vaccine safety in fertile, pregnant women.

As the vaccine rollout continues, eventually we hope we will reach a point of herd immunity, where life as we knew it can return.  Knowing we have started in this direction does provide a lot of optimism, as we have started on the path to a free and safe future.

No one could have predicted 12 months ago that we would still be here… but here we are: Cautious about COVID 19, but optimistic about the near future when these days will be done.

We thank our team and patients for helping us keep TRIO safe over the past year. As always, your TRIO team is here with you, working towards building your families as we all look forward to better days ahead.