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A New Year’s message for 2022

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As 2022 approaches, it’s a good opportunity for us at TRIO to reflect on the past year and plan for the future.

Our COVID 19 Protocols have Met and Surpassed Public Health and Safety Standards

Everyone has been affected and changed by COVID 19. Particularly for our patients, we understand how difficult this has been. 2021 required the continued emphasis of our commitment to patient care and patient safety. Specifically, all our staff received their two vaccinations, and everyone is committed to getting their third “booster” shot as soon as they can get it. We continue our in-house COVID screening protocols for all staff and patients, and beginning in January 2022, all patients will receive mandatory rapid antigen testing before they begin treatment; while all staff will be tested weekly. Throughout 2022, our medical team will continue to monitor and follow all public health recommendations, and update you about upgrades and adaptations to our safety protocols.

Current Studies Indicate that COVID 19 Continues to Pose a Significant Risk to People Who are Pregnant

As a result, we continue to encourage all our patients to get their vaccinations as soon as they can. We are pleased to report that at this point, over 90% have done so. If you have questions about the timing of your vaccines while you are in treatment, please talk to your nurse about what will work best for you.

It has been a Challenge Balancing Patient Safety with the Demand for Fertility Treatment

In order to remain safe for our patients and our staff, and continue to provide high-quality fertility treatment, some treatment protocols had to be adapted or reformatted in order to maintain safe patient volume. For example, scheduling patients in 15-minute intervals has allowed us to control the number of people in waiting areas. At this point, we believe TRIO has achieved a good balance and we will continue to work on improving these measures.

In Spite of COVID, the Coming Year gives us Renewed Hope and Optimism for Your Success

Currently, at TRIO, we have the largest healthcare team of physicians, nurses, lab staff, administrative staff and naturopaths in Canada. All of us are committed to the combination of the team approach working in tandem with our focus on personalized, individual patient care.

In November 2021, TRIO formed a strategic partnership with The Eugin Group, one of the largest IVF companies in the world, with 83 IVF Centers of Excellence located in Europe, South America, The United States, and now, with TRIO, in Canada. We believe this new partnership will have many benefits for patients, including advanced equipment and techniques, additional research, and future collaborations with such esteemed network partners as Boston IVF.

We want to reiterate that as a result of this partnership, day-to-day, nothing changes: You will continue to be a patient of TRIO, and the clinic will continue to operate autonomously as it always has. There will not be any interruptions in your care and the cost of your treatments and medications will not change as a result of this partnership.

We are Very Optimistic About the Future, and are Excited about a Range of New Initiatives that will be Introduced Throughout 2022

  • Beginning in January 2022, every TRIO patient will have a dedicated, primary care nurse who will be with you throughout your journey, allowing more personalized and efficient patient care. We will be providing you with more details about this in January 2022.
  • Also in January 2022, there will be a new team of Patient Care Coordinators (PCC’s) at TRIO. Our PCC’s will form an integral link between patients and their care team. If you have a question, a concern or a comment in between appointments, or when it’s hard to reach your doctor or your nurse, you will be able to reach out to your dedicated PCC who can contact your REI or nurse on your behalf. This will solve a number of communications issues and give you a more direct voice at the clinic. We will provide more details about the role of our new Patient Care Coordinators right after the holiday break!
  • TRIO will soon have the ability to provide outpatient surgical procedures in our on-site operating room. This will help our patients avoid outsourcing certain surgeries, eliminating long surgical delays during fertility treatment. More information about this will be forthcoming in the spring of 2022.
  • Look for more information about an exciting, new social egg freezing program we are establishing to allow people to preserve their eggs for future pregnancies.
  • We are also launching a very special program for mature patients called “PRIME”, a new program that uses a unique medical protocol for older patients and those with diminishing ovarian reserve.
  • We have plans for enhanced integration of patient care between TRIO and Conceive Health, our team of in-house naturopathic doctors. We will provide more information about this initiative, including updates about a new research study in early 2022.

TRIO is committed to delivering the highest quality fertility medicine as well as the best patient experience. You are definitely at the right place to achieve your dream of parenthood. On behalf of the entire TRIO team, I would like to thank you for choosing TRIO for your fertility journey and want to offer our best wishes for a brighter and happier 2022.

Dr. Ken Cadesky,
Medical Director
TRIO Fertility