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woman stands against pain purple background. She has a confused expression and is looking at text that reads: "AMH 25?" "FASH7?" "AFC 12?" hGC 212?" "10MIIs?" "4Blasts?"

What do Those Numbers Mean?

By Nicole Condon, Chief Operating Officer “My FSH is 7” “My AMH is 25” “My AFC is 12” “My hCG is 212” “I have 10 MIIs” “I have 4 blastocysts” “My lining is 12mm” There are a lot of numbers to keep track of when going through fertility treatment. Patients often wonder: How do I …

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A photograph of a hand holding vitamins.

Prenatal Vitamins 101

How to choose prenatal vitamins Choosing prenatal vitamins can be difficult with the vast array of brands available. While it has long been recognized that folic acid is important during the prenatal period, all vitamins and minerals are required for healthy fetal development. A good quality prenatal vitamin is like an insurance policy – ensures …

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A photograph of a person performing acupuncture.

Having IVF? Have Acupuncture Too!

By: Jennifer Fitzgerald, ND Most couples undergoing IVF would do just about anything to increase their chances of a successful outcome, but from a western medical perspective, there is little anyone can do to improve the odds. The following quote says it all, “I do all the latest high-tech surgery and hormone treatment to try …

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