A photograph of Dr. Robert Casper.

COVID-19 Vaccine Presentation and Q&A with Dr. Bob Casper

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Dr. Bob Casper, TRIO’s Scientific Director, gave a talk on April 16th, 2021 about the COVID-19 vaccines and their safety for pregnant people and those trying to conceive. Here is a summary of what he said. A recording of the talk is available to watch at the bottom of this page.

Updated vaccine guidelines (April 9, 2021) from the CFAS about infertility and pregnancy

  • Pregnancy is a high-risk condition for COVID-19 infection
  • All women considering pregnancy, or who are already pregnant, should get vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccines & Safety

  • The MRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) have been the most studied in infertile and pregnant women and appear to be safe to use
  • The FDA is presently completing a study of one of the mRNA vaccines in 4000 pregnant women
  • Antibodies against COVID-19 in vaccinated women can cross the placenta and are present in breast milk, thus conferring passive protection to the fetus and baby

COVID-19 Vaccines & Timing

  • Side Effects (fever, headache and other flu-like symptoms) can occur especially after the second vaccine dose but not a concern in pregnant patients
  •  Patients are encouraged to have their first vaccine dose at any time during fertility treatment and to continue with their treatment while they wait for a date for their second dose
  • If the second vaccine dose and IUI or embryo transfer are scheduled to occur at the same time, patients are encouraged to get their second vaccine dose and postpone fertility treatment for a month until any potential side effects resolve and the immune system has settled down