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COVID-19 Vaccines During Pregnancy and Fertility Treatment

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“The SOGC supports the use of all available COVID-19 vaccines approved in Canada in any trimester of pregnancy in accordance with regional eligibility.”

COVID-19 Vaccines and Pregnancy

In the latest development in our national vaccination program, pregnancy has now been added as a priority category for vaccination. This means that patients who are pregnant qualify for vaccines at hospital-based programs offering Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as well as potentially expedited second dosing. For our patients trying to conceive, in some regions of the province, people 30 years of age and older are now eligible for vaccines.

Additionally, the SOGC (The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada) has announced its new position for vaccination in pregnancy: “The SOGC supports the use of all available COVID-19 vaccines approved in Canada in any trimester of pregnancy in accordance with regional eligibility. The four COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Canada have been demonstrated to be safe and highly effective for preventing serious disease from COVID-19.6, 7”.  Pregnancy has occurred subsequent and during vaccination in large-scale studies and data collected to date globally, and there are no adverse pregnancy events noted and some positive results with immunity transferred to infants.

Pregnancy is a serious risk factor for acquiring a COVID-19 infection and for severe COVID-19 disease, therefore, “the SOGC recommends that all pregnant people should be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

TRIO supports the SOGC statement and recommends vaccination. For vaccination options, please refer to your local health unit, your local pharmacy or access registration sites for vaccination.

In the meantime, please know that TRIO is offering ongoing essential fertility treatments in the safest way possible including onsite rapid testing, numerous procedures and protocols in place and striving towards a fully vaccinated care team to ensure safety for our patients and our team.

Read the full SOGC statement