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We are often asked “Are there any financial options to help pay for my fertility treatment?” People also want to know, “Is any of the treatment covered?” To answer these questions, we’ve pulled together some information that may help make treatment more accessible.

At TRIO, the initial consult with your doctor is a fully insured service, and for patients who are covered by OHIP, follow up appointments are usually covered. In addition, in Ontario, OHIP covers the monitoring portion of a cycle for IUI (blood tests and ultrasounds).

Since 2015, the Ontario Government is funding one IVF cycle for women under 43 with a valid Ontario Health Card. This includes monitoring, egg retrieval, ICSI, assisted hatching and embryo freezing. Please visit our Fees page to see which aspects of your treatment are covered and which are not included. For more detailed information about Ontario government funding for fertility treatment, please visit:

Additionally, the government of Canada allows a medical expense Tax Credit (METC) for reproductive technologies. Previously, patients had to have a medical condition preventing conception, but the criteria have changed and many more people are able to claim treatment on their income tax. And, claims are retroactive, so that if you had treatment as far back as 2007, you may be eligible for a claim. For details about the tax credit, including eligibility, go to:

Have you spoken to your employer or HR department about medical benefits? Many employers today are recognizing fertility benefits enhance their current benefit program. According to Fertility IQ: The Fertility IQ Family Builder Workplace Index: 2017-2018, fertility benefits are covered by a diverse group of industries in Canada. Employers, such as Starbucks Canada, are recognizing the importance of funding egg freezing and in vitro fertilization costs, as well as fertility medication coverage.

Medicard has been providing financing services to Canadians specifically for medical treatment, including fertility services, since 1996. According to their website, their programs offer “low monthly payments, no up-front costs, and high approval rates.” Patients can choose terms that best suit their needs, for example, you can opt to finance a portion of a procedure, or the entire treatment. For more information about Medicard, visit their website:

Feel free talk to us to find out about which options may be best for you.