Preconception Reproductive Evaluation (PRE) Program

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Accelerate Your Fertility Care

We know our patients are eager to get started with fertility treatment as soon as possible. That’s why we have teamed up with our on-site fertility naturopaths, Conceive Health, to provide access to our Preconception Reproductive Evaluation (PRE) Program. Unlike any other program in Canada, PRE helps patients maximize the preconception period before their first fertility appointment with their TRIO fertility specialist. Working hand-in-hand with our in-clinic fertility Naturopaths, PRE helps patients get a head start on testing, supports better clinical outcomes, lowers stress levels, reduces complications, and promotes healthier pregnancies.

About the PRE Program

The PRE program is for first-time fertility patients who have not yet completed fertility testing at TRIO (or other fertility clinics).

In this unique program, your TRIO specialist and fertility naturopath work together to implement a preconception plan. This involves testing and diagnosis, and may also include personalized diet recommendations, supplements, lifestyle interventions, hormone balancing, fertility counselling, and more.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to taking part in this integrative program, including:

  • Begin your fertility evaluation and get answers sooner
  • Complete your initial fertility testing while you’re waiting to see your physician
  • Receive the results of your initial fertility assessment sooner
  • Your TRIO physician will have your fertility test results available for review at your first appointment
  • Better prepared to start treatment at your first appointment with your TRIO physician
  • Better understanding of your fertility health
  • Receive additional resources and support
  • Improve the health of your eggs, sperm, and body to support fertility treatment, conception and pregnancy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The PRE program is completely optional.
  • Initial couples consult - 90 min - $400
  • Initial consult 60 min - $300
  • Results review follow up 45min - $155
  • Follow up - optional 15 min - $60
The PRE program is for patients who have not yet done any fertility testing at TRIO or another clinic. However, Conceive Health NDs offer a variety of programs and services for patients at various stages of their fertility journey. You can learn more and book an individual or couples’ consultation online here.
Both. Individuals and couples are all invited and encouraged to take part.
Patients can usually schedule their first appointment for the PRE program within two weeks.
All TRIO clinics and satellites offer PRE.
Currently, due to COVID protocols, all consultations and ND appointments are virtual.
Naturopathic and acupuncture services are not covered by OHIP however, most extended healthcare insurance providers offer coverage. To learn more, please check with your extended health plan.

Patient Stories

“Conceive Health at TRIO provides a really relaxing, positive and supportive environment to receive acupuncture treatment. Tracy and Jennifer are both amazing and really helped calm my nerves throughout a difficult journey. They give great advice on supplements and foods to eat as well. Would highly recommend their care.”
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C.H., Patient