Spindleview, also called “Oosight”, is a computerized high power microscope that allows the embryologist to see the internal structure of each retrieved egg (oocyte) or embryo.

This is cutting-edge technology used by the TRIO lab in two important ways: First, to visualize the spindle of each egg very accurately when performing ICSI (injecting one sperm into one egg to aid fertilization). Why is this important? In one third of retrieved eggs, the spindle is not in its expected position. As a result, without Spindleview technology, an embryologist can only make an educated guess when injecting the sperm cell into the egg. With Spindleview, the procedure will be more accurate and ultimately, has a greater chance at successful fertilization. Second, Spindleview gives the embryologist a clearer picture of overall egg quality. Without Spindleview, it is more difficult to assess the quality of a group of eggs retrieved during a cycle. Our lab has demonstrated that Spindleview technology has increased the number of fertilized eggs and therefore, the number of developing embryos per cycle.

TRIO is proud to be a pioneer in Spindleview use in North America. We believe this technology gives our patients the opportunity to have both a better quantity and quality of embryos, giving both patients and their physicians a
better insight into the details of the IVF cycle.


KIDScore is an algorithm upgrade in the embryoscope incubator that predicts the ability of an embryo to form a blastocyst (day 5), and more importantly, predicts with a high degree of accuracy the implantation potential of the blastocyst. Recent reports have shown an increase in pregnancy rates when embryologists use the KIDscore technology to choose embryos for transfer. Time-lapse monitoring using parametric information from the embryos as they develop is taken from the embryoscope, so that the embryo is never disturbed or removed for assessment. KIDScore is useful because it gives trained embryologists another piece of important information that factors into their decision of choosing the best embryo for implantation. This makes the embryoscope more than just an incubator but another valuable tool for embryologists to employ while selecting the best embryos for transfer. 

At TRIO, we believe very strongly that Spindleview and KIDScore are extremely important state-of-the-art technologies that provide patients with a better chance of success in every IVF cycle. In fact, both technologies are used in every private IVF cycle that we do here at TRIO. Unfortunately, at the moment, government-funded IVF does not cover these advanced technologies. Although there is an additional cost not covered by OHIP, we encourage you to consider using Spindleview and KIDScore as a way to increase your chances of success if you are doing a government-funded IVF cycle here at TRIO.