photo Kathleen McMullen

Kathleen McMullen, RPN (She/Her)

Third Party Reproduction Program Manager

Kathleen McMullen earned her RPN from George Brown College’s program in 2017 and has worked as a nurse in the field of fertility medicine ever since. She began her career working in Third Party Reproduction, where she managed cycles for intended parents with egg donors and with gestational carriers.

After working for several years in a variety of nursing positions at a number of different fertility clinics in and around the GTA, Kathleen has come back to TRIO to realize her dream of managing our Third Party Reproduction program.

“Having struggled with fertility issues myself, I have a deep and unique empathy for my patients. Also, having been an egg donor, I have special insight into what that looks like from both sides, allowing me to support both our egg donors and surrogates in a compassionate way,” says Kathleen.

“Becoming a parent changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. However, getting there was a bit of a struggle for me. If it weren’t for all the nurses, doctors, and staff, it would never have happened for me. I am so honoured to be a part of my patients’ journeys; in the same way that people were there for me, I want this for everyone that wants it for themselves.”

Why I love Third Party Reproduction

“I fell in love with Third Party work specifically after I became an egg donor myself. I have a passion for understanding each patients’ unique history and story. Everyone has been through something different and has their own special and personal history. I love knowing about what brought my patients to The Third Party Program and how I can help them - it makes my work so meaningful, and it truly feels so important to me.”