Sample of the Violet Report. Shows profile page, images of eggs and viability and information page.

Many patients have asked us why they can get an idea of their ovarian reserve or egg quantity in an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test, while there is no way to predict an egg’s quality or its reproductive potential. Violet™— a new tool developed by offers new scientific insight and transparency about the quality of frozen eggs. TRIO Fertility is the first clinic in Canada to offer this technology to our social egg freezing patients.

Violet™ is non-invasive, AI-based software that assesses and analyzes images of a patient’s eggs to predict the chances of each egg to successfully fertilize and reach the blastocyst stage. Patients doing social egg freezing at TRIO will receive a complete report on each of their frozen eggs, along with an analysis of the quality of each egg and its likelihood to become a blastocyst when fertilized.

Violet™ has been shown to be superior in accuracy to the human eye of trained senior embryologists by more than 20%. It predicts egg fertilization at about 90% accuracy and the likelihood of an embryo developing at 63% accuracy in a non-invasive, instantaneous, and reproducible manner (ESHRE, 2020).

Dr. Dan Nayot, a member of TRIO’s medical team, is also the Medical Director at Future Fertility. “I got involved in Future Fertility because I believe that going forward, Artificial Intelligence is going to be a significant part of the decision-making process in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Right now, Violet is solving a real clinical problem, the problem of egg quality. By giving fertility specialists insight about human egg quality, we can now make more informed decisions about which egg may go on to successfully become a blastocyst.”

“Several years ago, we published a paper showing how difficult it was to assess oocyte quality morphologically. I have seen the Violet™ data and I am convinced that this new AI technology is now able to predict fertilization and blastocyst formation from oocyte images,” says Dr. Robert F. Casper, Scientific Director and Founding Partner at TRIO Fertility. “I believe that Violet™ will change the egg freezing paradigm for our patients at TRIO.”

Future Fertility is currently working on applying a different version of Violet™ to assess the egg quality for patients undergoing IVF treatment. The image analysis technology will be similar (non-invasive, instantaneous and objective). However, the information will be tailored specifically to the needs of IVF patients, providing an actual score of their eggs as a measure of egg quality.

If you have questions about Violet™ and how this technology could help you, please email us or