What are my chances with IVF?

We keep track of everything including age, medication, number of eggs retrieved and number of eggs fertilized. These statistics, along with other factors that make up your personal profile, will help your doctor determine your chances of getting pregnant with IVF. Your doctor will have access to these statistics and will use this information to help you determine your chances of getting pregnant based on your personal profile.

Sometimes with IVF, it takes more than one try to get pregnant. That’s why TRIO is the first fertility clinic in Canada to offer personalized Univfy PreIVF prediction software to give you an accurate picture of your chances. Univfy analyzes your comprehensive health data and TRIO’s own live birth outcomes data to give you a prediction of success with 1, 2 or 3 IVF cycles as well as a picture of how a patient’s chances change if she waits 6, 12, or 18 months before starting IVF. Univfy has proven to be more accurate than simple age-based estimates. Knowing your probabilities of succeeding with IVF can help you and your doctor plan a course of treatment that maximizes your chances of having a healthy baby sooner. Univfy was founded by researchers at Stanford University.

For more information about Univfy at TRIO click here.